My Work Ethic and Approach to Work

If you have a project that touches any of my specialisations, and you would like to work with me, then there are a few things that you should know about how I work.


Incremental Problem Solving

Software projects are complex, and their complexity increases with each feature that is being implemented. In order to avoid burgeoning complexity, I think it important to work in short cycles to build small but valuable pieces of the solution at a time.

Remote Work

I’m a fully remote worker. I enjoy meeting my clients, when possible. However, if you require someone to work from your offices I am not the right fit for that particular role. I have been working remotely for almost fifteen years, so I am a seasoned remote worker who will blend in with existing remote teams.

Outcome Oriented

My relationships with my clients are all based on the value that I deliver, not the hours that I work or when I work. I work on retainer with defined goals and outcomes. It is up to me to find the most efficient way to get the work done. The value of retainer will be defined by the scope of work and your budget.

Deep Work

As a knowledge worker, my ability to focus is essential to doing creative and valuable work. When building solutions, I allocate chunks of my day for undisturbed work. During these periods, I do not respond to emails and messages, nor take phone calls.

Asynchronous Communication

Although most communication will be asynchronous, this does not mean that I will be entirely inaccessible. I have set times throughout the day when I check messages and return calls. If you need to meet with me, you will have a readily accessible link to my calendar where you can easily schedule a meeting.